The Neurodiverse Project

The Dawn of the Dark Fox

Over the past five years we have been developing a feature film called The Dawn of the Dark Fox. Directed by Michael Smith & Tom Stubbs it will be the first feature film to be directed by an autistic film-maker.

The film is now in post production and will be completed by the end of the year.


Through this experience we have become aware of the creative brilliance and originality of the autistic and neurodiverse community and built up skills and expertise in enabling these creative artists to find their expression through film.

Building on the energy we set up the Neurodiverse Film Development Programme in partnership with Biggerhouse Film in Bristol and supported by Creative Skillset / Screen Skills.

In 2016 we ran Neurodiverse 1 with new neurodiverse film-makers making short films through a designed and supported training programme.. Here’s couple of the films :

Outside In by Jesse Currie

Moviegoer by Stuart Quinn

The films were selected to screen at the Edinburgh Film Festival.


In 2017 we ran Neurodiverse 2 using the same development model and made 8 new short films with new neurodiverse film-makers.

Here some of the films :

Outsider by Tom McCarthaigh

Family by Rosa Truelove

Introverse by Jesse Currie

The films were selected to screen at the Sheffield Doc/Fest.


In 2018 we ran Neurodiverse 3 – making 3 more ambitious films with Jesse Currie. Jeff Johns and Ben Robinson and 9 shorter films with new talent. We hope to announce a Festival Premiere for the films shortly.

Building on the programme……

We believe that neurodiverse people have a brilliant and original creative voice and with the right support and creative architecture can create work that can change the world. We want to build on this work and this energy. This is a movement…..

If this is of interest to you or you are a neurodiverse creative please get in touch with us and lets build the movement. Use the contact page on the website.